How to change permissions for file / directory recursively in Linux

Change owner for directory recursively: sudo chown -R user:group /path/to/directory Chown is a short for “change owner”, -R – means “recursively”, owner and group definition are separated by “:”. Also we need high privileges to run chown command – so we use “sudo”. Change permissions only for directories recursively: find /path/to/directory -type d -exec chmod 755 {}Continue Reading

How to fix

Git: «Corrupt loose object»

Also you can see something like this in you terminal: error: object file .git/objects/03/9e5691db59686e2afce2da700853398c961b4a is empty After the computer crashes, git showed: $ git status error: object file .git/objects/03/9e5691db59686e2afce2da700853398c961b4a is empty error: object file .git/objects/03/9e5691db59686e2afce2da700853398c961b4a is empty fatal: loose object 039e5691db59686e2afce2da700853398c961b4a (stored in .git/objects/03/9e5691db59686e2afce2da700853398c961b4a) is corrupt Git is a control version system. So if weContinue Reading