How to fix

Wine Runtime Error: Cannot Import dll isskin.dll


On MacOS and Linux we can use Wine (“WIndows not emulator”) to run Windows applications. But it’s not as easy as we can expect – some times we don’t have necessary dynamic libraries, that windows programs use.

For example, when I ran one of them, I got

Runtime Error (at -1:0): Cannot Import dll:

Or you can see that

fixme:msg:ChangeWindowMessageFilter c046 00000001
fixme:win:DisableProcessWindowsGhosting : stub
err:module:import_dll Library MFC42.DLL (which is needed by L"C:usersready2rumbelxTempis-L6E45.tmpisskin.dll") not found
fixme:xrender:XRender_AlphaBlend Unable to AlphaBlend without Xrender
fixme:xrender:XRender_AlphaBlend Unable to AlphaBlend without Xrender

It’s very a common error, many Windows applications use this dll. So we have a common solution!

First of all we need to install winetricks – it’s like a packet manager for Windows stuff. MacOS users can install it via command

brew install winetricks

And Ubuntu / Debian / Linux Mint users should use

apt install winetricks

Now we need to run this (just type “winetricks” in a terminal). Follow next steps on the interface:

  • Select the default wineprefix (default is ok)
  • Install a Windows DLL or component
  • Select “vcrun6” and “mfc42”, press «OK».

Or we can do the same in the terminal:

winetricks mfc42
winetricks vcrun6

That’s all folks! Just run the WIndows app again.