For Beginners

Useful shortcuts for Beginners in Bash – BANG!


Bash is not the only programming language. The most important it’s a shell. When you run a terminal, you get a bourne-again Shell. And it has special shortcuts and predefined special variables. For example, $? contains the last exit code, $PS1 is a template of Bash prompt.

But now we’ll talk about “bang” shortcuts.


Execute last command:


Execute the most recent command that starts with ‘top’ (e.g. ! ):


Displays the command that !top would run (also adds it as the latest command in the command history):


Execute the last word of the previous command (same as Alt + ., e.g. if last command is ‘ cat tecmint.txt ‘, then !$ would try to run ‘ tecmint.txt ‘):


Displays the word that !$ would execute:


Displays the last word of the previous command:


Displays the last word that !* would substitute: